That Warm Night

That warm night 

When we were like couples-

Both staring at my ceiling full of glowing stars

Caressing each other’s arm.

That warm night 

When you told me you love me

Still can’t forget that voice-

The voice that keeps on confusing my mind.

That warm night 

When you and I almost made a sin.

That warm night

Where everything were only fantasies.-

You were not a prince,

I was not your princess either.

All we did was to pretend.

In that warm night

That will never happen again. 


Saturday morning;

Staring by the window with some coffee and bread;

Quiet street,

Wind blew; I saw you-

Leaves fall;

Both eyes on you.

Oh! I love this view.

Leaves fall;

Smiles were scattered;

As the wind blew once again.

You saw me. Both eyes stared;

I wished you knew, why leaves fall on you;-

Maybe you don’t.

Fragile Heart

Love so fragile,

Heart so miserable.

Words heard; –

Sounds familiar.

Seems everything’s a lie.

Scared of promises,

‘Cause love is unpredictable.

Like a feather falling.

Heart so fragile,

Cracks still remain.

When will it be the same?

Love is a game.

Puzzles take patience,

Wounds heal,

Worries fade,

Recoveries get made.

Once Lost

I wrote many poems,

Ever since you came.

When  I am on your side,

I can feel nothing-

Numb and nervous;

As if butterflies keep flying inside.

Never thought it is happening once again.

I know for sure,

There is no one in this universe

Could ever be more greatful than I am,

For you-

My hero of my every piece,

Now gives me the happiness I once sought.

We’re Almost There, My Almost

From the day you started to talk to me again,

Everything changed. 

Making me truly happy is all I wanted.

Spending moments with me –

Like biting my shoulders while I watch movies,

Lying next to yours while listening to my rants;

Talking about random things,

Holding each other’s hands while falling asleep.

I know they thought there is something between us.

I thought maybe it’s just a one-sided love.

You do things that I’ve been waiting for;

That I’ve been dreaming of.

Maybe I’m wrong about these feelings,

Maybe you don’t feel as I do.

But I know for a while;

You could make me so happy.

But is this enough?

Knowing that you’re already there-

Creating memories with me.

But still I can’t call you mine,

‘Cause you still have her.

Why can’t we just be the two of us?

Why can’t you tell me?

You just have to choose one,

We’re almost there, My Almost.

This is How I Loved You

I loved you like how the moon  

Gives its light to brighten up every night.

Like how the river continuously flows,

Even if it doesn’t know where to end.

Like how a piece of cloth could wipe

Every shed of tears.

I loved you like how I love watching the stars every night,

Like how I wished it was you.

I loved you like how Juliet loves her Romeo.

Like how a candle cries just to lit itself up.

I loved you. –

I loved you more than you love her.

12 AM

It’s cold midnight.

Staring at those chandelier,

All I see is  your face, my dear.

Those reflections- 

So beautiful;

Like your eyes staring at me.

Still don’t want to sleep,

‘Cause I’m already seeing my dream.

Wide awake with those lights in dim.

Four Seasons

I woke up.
Smelled the Summer scent-
Scent of temporary happiness.
After those euphoric thoughts;
It’s like my dreams became rots.
Why does it have to end?
My lover, my partner, my dearest friend.
Holding this old rose;
Let’s see how the winter goes.

I’m now looking for warmth;
In the absence of honor and love.
Snowy evening;
Where everything were freezing.
Reminiscing our happy days;
As tears roll down my face.
I wonder if you’re feeling the same.
Maybe not.
I heard your new lover came.

Deep into Autumn,
Still the past not forgotten.
Leaves fall;
Flowers die;
Everyone’s saying goodbye.
You’re the greatest love-
A gift from above.
Suddenly, all were bent;
Like everything we had spent.
You’re happy, I’m not.
You left, I stayed.
You’re whole, I’m broke.
One Autumn- I made.

Finally! In this Spring time- a seed;
Happiness indeed.
New beginnings, after those painful endings.
So colorful, I feel so whole.
Another chapter to make;
For me to be awake.
Staring while the flowers bloom;
In the field of growing glumes;

I say; –

“Everything takes time;
Just wait for a meantime.”

He Put the Blame on Me

I decided to write him letter-

Sealed with hatred and no more regrets;

I wrote everything;

Everything about the pain.

Ever since I loved him;

I was completely honest

But still, he put the blame.

Can’t think of any reason,

Maybe he wants to be safe-

About his lies and everything.

I still remembered,

When he asked me to wait.

But after that final talk,

For the last time;

He asked something again.

He asked me to move on;

And forget him.

No apologies.

He wants nothing,

But an ending.